Why Us / Results

Why choose Myron Terrain Management? Simple. When you need a job done right the first time, on time and on budget, nobody does it better than we do. We’re not “two guys, a chainsaw, and a truck” – we’re an established company with highly specialized tools, an expertly developed skill set and years of experience. We excel and regularly take on everything from forging a new ATV trail to clearing for a subdivision. We’re here to put our customers first, and that also means proudly working in support of excavation companies to assist them in meeting their clients’ needs and limited disposable costs.

It takes us just hours to do what it would take guys with chainsaws a week to accomplish, and when we’re finished, there won’t be any large unsightly brush piles to burn or 3 ft. deep ruts to fall into. The only thing we leave behind is a beautiful reclaimed space ready to be enjoyed. Need some ongoing assistance? We’re always here to help you make sure your land is maintained, and we’ll do it in a way that ensures its vitality and serviceability.

Most importantly, our terrain management services are designed with the environment in mind. Being eco-friendly means taking care of the world that supports us. Thanks to our commitment to stay environmentally conscious, our specialized tools and our skilled and friendly team, our value far exceeds that of our competition. We’re proud to serve our clients in and around the Louisville area. And when we take pride in a job well done, everyone benefits.