Myron Terrain Management

Chemical Control

Chemical Control is a process by which we apply pesticides/ herbicides to control the vegetation that can limit the utility, beauty, or general enjoyment of the land. While some clients are rightly concerned about the incorrect application of toxic chemicals to their outdoor spaces, the proper and timely utilization of chemical agents can be beneficial to supporting desirable vegetation and should not be overlooked when considering the management of your land.  We always encourage clients to consider this as an ongoing service because while the physical impact of removed unwanted brush is striking, without continued low cost chemical control, you may end up in the same place you were 12 months earlier.  This is especially when dealing with invasive vegetation such as:

Distribution Facility Indianapolis, IN- Arrival May 17′
Distribution Facility Indianapolis, IN- Departure May 17′
Distribution Facility Indianapolis, IN- Arrival May 18′ after treatment in Oct. 17′.

Specialty build ATV sprayers with high capacity pumps and spray wands allow us to traverse rough terrain to quickly reach hard to get to areas.