About Myron Terrain Management

Ben Myron, founder of Myron Terrain Management, grew up on a large family farm in East Central Indiana.  His earliest childhood memories include raising hogs, mowing side ditches, and harvesting corn, soybeans, and wheat.  At age 10, Ben began working on the farm, and his passion for agriculture took flight.  He loved the feeling he had at the end of a long day of hard work.  His work on the farm fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment that he couldn’t find anywhere else, but as he grew older became privy to more of the challenges associated with running a small business.  Ben continued to work on the farm until graduating from Indiana University in 2003 when, he decided to take a slightly different path in life.  

During his senior year of college, Ben felt lead to join the military and did so upon graduation in 2003.  He enlisted in the US Army as an Infantryman and served two yearlong combat tours in Iraq.  Upon his safe return in 2008, he was introduced to the medical device industry.  Ben worked with several of the industry leaders including Smith & Nephew, Stryker, and Zimmer Biomet, and eventually took on the role of regional sales manager.

Even though his medical device career was successful, Ben still couldn’t shake the desire to start his own business and return to the outdoors. At that time, he began exploring business ideas and his love for the outdoors and agriculture ultimately led to his company focused on vegetation overgrowth management.  Ben began researching the market which revealed a need for full-service land management company.  

Property owners, facility, and project managers he spoke with were frustrated because they had to call numerous companies to get their properties cleaned up resulting in a less than desirable finished product that took way too long to complete at too great of a cost.  Ben knew he had the experience necessary to perform this type of work in its entirety, as well as a level of professionalism and affordability unmatched by other providers.  Simply put, he realized he could offer a greater service at a more affordable cost in a much more efficient manner.


So what is Myron Terrain Management?  We are a full-service land management company that assists clients in achieving their vision for their property using mechanical, biological, and chemical means.  From the homeowner interested in cleaning up a woods line, to the municipality interested in recreational trails, or the corporation worried about facilities maintenance, we can help.  From forestry mulching, to herbicide application, to bulk tree planning we do it.  Even better, we will do it better than anyone else in a more efficient manner at a more affordable cost.  We believe that doing the job right the first time, on time, and on budget is the only way to operate a business.  Today, we’re proudly serving clients in the Louisville area, as well as throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

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