Myron Terrain Management

Biological Control

Biological Control happens after the initial clearing process is complete. This is an often-overlooked step in the VOM process. Without the proper introduction of vegetation for biological control, the recently cleared area is more susceptible to resurgent undesirable vegetation and, in some cases, erosion. We address these challenges by offering the following services.

Rough Area Seeding

Rough area seeding is a process that involves removing the bulk of the processed material and then spreading seed to prevent or choke out undesirable vegetation.  We call this “rough area seeding” as this technique doesn’t involve the ground being fully excavated to create a perfectly level surface prior to seeding and while the stumps are processed to ground level, the root balls are not actually removed. This is a great option for recreational or pasture areas and is much cheaper than actually creating a full on finished lawn.  While we most commonly introduce standard fescues or pasture grasses, we have also worked with clients to introduce native grasses as well.

Bulk Tree Planting

This is a service we began offering to clients who needed trees planted but didn’t need full on landscaping services and wanted to avoid the high cost typically associated with these providers. In addition, the trees we offer are typically larger in size and cheaper.

We are able to do this by dealing directly from large regional supplying nurseries and then purchasing, in bulk.  larger trees that they can’t sell to a standard retail nursery’s because they are too large for the typical consumer to handle. As a result though of dealing with these larger trees and the requirements to handle them, in general we plant our trees in groups of ten or more at a time. This helps us keep overhead charges low and allows us to provide the most effective service.