Who We Serve

Are you a property owner or site manager with a woods or tree line that has gotten out of control and need some help maintaining it?

Maybe you’re a hunter who has walked the same trails for years, but you’re starting to see those trails disappear?

Do you own a farm with a tree line and limbs that keep knocking off lights and planter box lids?

Or are you a manager and the budget on your next big construction project so tight that you don’t know how you are going to make it work?

We can help.

We deal with clients ranging from small recreational land owners, to farmers with 1000’s of acres, to large excavation companies and government entities.  We pride ourselves on providing solutions that most providers haven’t even considered typically at a lower cost to both the client and the land.

MTM is dedicated to serving clients in and around Louisville, Kentucky across industries and market segments. If it outdoors and out of control we can help.