Myron Terrain Management

Mechanical Control

Mechanical Control, typically the first step in vegetation overgrowth management, is a process by which we put steel to wood and physically remove the unwanted vegetation from the land.

Our tool selection varies depending upon the needs of the client.

Our most commonly used and diversifying tool is our mulching units as they deliver the client the greatest return on investment and deliver a finished product that is truly unobtainable in any other practical manor. Whether building ATV trails, taking down large trees,  or plowing through overgrowth it’s ability to turn all types of vegetation into earth friendly mulch in seconds while minimizing ground disturbance has proven to be invaluable to all client types.  The mulch material also has an added benefit of reducing soil erosion and while also slowing the regrowth of undesirable vegetation.

But when we’re working on commercial or large properties with extensive brush clearing needs and a requirement for excavation, our preference is mixing traditional earth moving tools such as excavators and/ or bulldozers in combination with our mulching units to get the job done. While the impact on the land of these larger tools can be extensive, especially when manned by unskilled operators, when more extensive excavation requirement are ultimately required, the ability of these tools to safely and efficiently down larger timber offsets these less desirable effects.

Sometimes though unique client needs or terrain dictates we go smaller and hand-held brush cutters or chainsaws are the answer.  Unlike some service providers, we aren’t afraid to climb out of the cab and get our hands dirty.  While less efficient, when precision is required, these tools used in combination with our larger equipment, can help us provide that finishing touch that can’t be delivered any other way.